Troxel Avalon

Troxel Avalon Designed For The Serious Competitors

Troxel AvalonThe Troxel Avalon is particularly designed for the serious competitors. It has a modern low profile platform that is packed with excellent performance features. It has steel vent inlays over high flow meshes that make this helmet have a great look and excellent maximum air intake. It features a custom molded-wicking headliner that offers adequate support when needed. It is able to channel the cooling air to the place it is wanted. It is a high tech padding that combines self-adjusting CinchFit Elite system. This system delivers a fit that meets demands of any serious competitor. It has a hardened matte finish and visor to complete the high performance package.

High tech padding

This feature combined with self-adjusting CinchFit elite system you are assured of adequate comfort any serious competitor will want to have.


This is made possible with the adequate ventilation that makes it possible to have maximum air intake.


This is a long lasting helmet designed for many years of use. It is made of high quality materials. For instance, it features hardened matter finish and shatterproof visor.

  • Easy to use
  • Nice looking
  • Hardened finish

One of the recent customers who purchased the Troxel Avalon said, This is my second unit of this type and I really love it. The first one saved my life and this is why I bought the same model. The unit does the job very well in protecting my head and it is very comfortable. I will not hesitate to recommend this unit.
The Troxel Avalon is a great unit designed to take your competition to the next level. The unit is loaded with excellent features that meet the demands of serious competitors. The unit offers adequate protection while you are on the move.